The state-wide system began as an in-school program for teenage parents and has since added on-site Child Development Centers, Career Readiness, Youth Leadership, and Fatherhood.


The NM GRADS System facilitates graduation and the pursuit of higher education and/or employ-ment, ensures appropriate case management for healthy babies and families, promotes healthy multi-generational parenting skills, fosters leadership, self-sufficiency and good citizenship as con- tributing members of society, and educates students on ways to reduce risk-taking behaviors for their entire family. GRADS works to remove barriers to ensure successful students who are also successful parents.


The goals of the NM GRADS program are: to delay/reduce subsequent pregnancies; retain students through graduation; prepare students for work and careers; develop posi- live attachment and parenting/co-parenting skills; increase healthy births; provide access to safe competent child care; cultivate skills for healthy relationships; foster a balance of work and family roles; educate teen parents on financial literacy; support skill building in conflict resolution, problem solving and nego- tiations; reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections, demonstrate positive health care practices; and advocate for Title IX.

GRADS PLUS : Federal Grant Supporting Expectant and Parenting Teens

NM GRADS is continuing in it's partnership with NMPED in a four-year cycle of the Pregnancy Assistance Fund Federal Grant Award to sustain our previous efforts as well as the integration of enhanced Fatherhood, College & Career Readiness and Early Childhood Development and Infant Mental Health. Over the next 2 years we will continue the facilitation, development and enhance- ment of stron linka es between NM GRADS sites and local collaborative artners.

Attendance Policy for Expectant and Parenting Teens

HB 300 was enacted in July 2013 by the NM State Legislature to include middle and high school excused absence policies for expectant and parenting students. HB 300 recognizes that expectant and parenting students need the flexibility to achieve their educational goals while caring for a child. It will allow more students to graduate front high school and succeed in careers that will support their families. For more information on HB 300 go to