A​​TTHS Weight Room

The Weight Room and program located at the south end of the Academy of Trades Technology Charter High School campus is a course offering that we are very proud of. Weightlifting Instructor Coach Joaquin Chavez and Assistant Weightlifting Instructor Coach Dan Kegler, both, have strong ties to the Athletic Department at the University of New Mexico and have established an outstanding Weightlifting Program over the past several years. With some of the top notch equipment and current "Olympic Style" techniques provided to our students at ATTHS it has assisted in creating a peak enrollment every semester. The Weightlifting students at ATTHS will receive the opportunity to learn those upper and lower body strength techniques while receiving that individualized instruction provided by our well known instructors in the field of "Olympic Style" weightlifting.

​​​Fourth period Basketball Course

Our Fourth Period Basketball Class has developed into a course that provides the opportunity to learn those basketball fundamentals and team play experience. In partnership with the City of Albuquerque Community Center Department and the Academy of Trades and Technology Charter High School campus, our students have been utilizing the facility at Dennis Chavez Community Center. With the availability of a gym, weight room, game room, basketball court, volleyball court and computer lab the Basketball Course is able to conduct a variety of Basketball experiences that tie into, not only Basketball, but developing the future physical activity interest of the student as he or she becomes an adult.

​​​​​​Men's and Women's Basketball

The 2014-2015 basketball season marks the sixth season of play. The basketball program is coordinated by Coach Ron Estrada and assisted by Coach Dan Pizarro. The Men's program has competed in the City of Albuquerque's Parks and Recreation Men's Basketball League Low Division and for the past two years the Women's program has competed in the Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation Women's Open Division Basketball League. Before that time the women participated in the City of Albuquerque's Women's League for a number of years. What the program is most proud of is the milestones the men and women basketball participants have established. Since the establishment of the basketball program, the experience has assisted over 20 student-athletes in achieving their high school diplomas, set over 150 program basketball records and between both programs have competed in over 100 games. Every year the season end with an experience every participant looks forward to our end- of- the-year awards banquet.