Men and Women Basketball Program

Goal achieved- Our program is very grateful for the support this program has recevied from the administraction, school staff, teachers, students, family members, and Bernalillo County. We would also like to thank the city of Albuquerque, local businesses, and community members who contribute to the needs of our student-athletes. The program has completed a record number 65 games in three years and has seen 13 graduates go through the basketball program. Another area I feel the program has impacted our student-athletes is by inspiring them to enroll in a college program or get employed in our community.

I wish to thank Christina Alarid, Coach Dan Pizarro, and Mr. Ramon Benitez for their assistance with the basketball program.

​Our student-athletes, both men and women have established over 150 school records and at the completion of this past basketball season broke over 75 school records.

I, Coach Estrada have volunteered my personal time, day and night, from the beginning of August to the end of March for over three years volunteering on behalf of the success of our student-athletes.

Continued​​​ Aims- What made this year the best season ever was the addition of staff members to both teams. Out of 21 scheduled games we only forfeited 2 female games due to illness and completed every men's contest on the 2012-2013 schedule. This was the best showing of competing ever in the history of ATTHS Basketball.


  • Mia Valenzuela-Chavez​Trophy Recipient​
  • Beth Dorado​Trophy Recipient​
  • Lori LojaconoTrophy Recipient​
  • Tara KeppenmanTrophy Recipient​
  • Chelsey MinthornTrophy Recipient​
  • Vanessa PardoTrophy Recipient/4th Year Award/Letter Eligible
  • Amy RomeroTrophy Recipient​
  • M​iranda SanchezTrophy Recipient/1st Year Awards/Letter Eligible
  • Jakob ButterfieldTrophy Recipient/3rd Year Award/Letter Eligible​
  • Peter EstradaTrophy Recipient​
  • Clifford EvansTrophy Recipient/2nd Year Award Letter Eligible​​
  • Juan GonzalesTrophy Recipient/1st Year Award Eligible
  • Gene GroblebeTrophy Recipient​
  • Jesse MartinezTrophy Recipient​
  • Andres PachecoTrophy Recipient/1st Year Award/Letter Eligible
  • John Perry Trophy Recipient
  • Dan PizarroTrophy Recipient/1st Year Awards/Letter Eligible