Other Courses Offered

-ATT offers all required courses for graduation in the state of New Mexico: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Health, and Career Readiness

-Dual Credit classes are offered through CNM

Elective Courses

The majority of our elective classes are centered around the two career pathways:
​Construction and Technology.

Support Services

ATT works hard to decrease barriers to academic success by offering support outside of the classroom. A full-time school social worker works side- by -side with teachers, interns, security, administration, and community agencies to provide as much support as possible

Project Based Learning:

ATT started its own construction company in January of 2013,Vision Builders. It houses the following departments: Construction, Agriculture, Media Arts: Art, Video Production, and Graphic Design. A majority of our students get paid from an awarded grant, while earning credits for graduation. The company has contracts with local community centers to do remodeling projects and various media art projects.

Credit Opportunities:

ATT offers a variety of options for earning credit towards graduation. In addition to face-to-face classes, there are opportunities available to take mastery exams, take online credit recovery classes, earn credits through work study, and earn dual credit by attending classes offered by CNM.