Our Career & Technical Education curriculum prepares our students for work, training or college. Every student is expected to participate in one of the two pathways offered at ATT


​Hands-on training and meaningful work experience in general construction competencies. This career pathway prepares a student to enter a post-secondary apprenticeship or other training programs. Projects will take place at ATT and in the community, serving low-income families and others in need.

Computer Technology

The variety of technology courses offered at ATT creates a competitive advantage in the new age of innovation. Students will understand how computers are used in the home, business, and organizations. Courses will prepare students with the essential foundation skills to succeed in the workplace. The program includes practice with resume writing and interviewing and the critical thinking skills used in all job hunting. Depending on each student’s prior knowledge, classes offer everything from a basic understanding of computer concepts and applications to designing print media, website design, and video production using the latest industry software. The main focuses are Graphic Design-using Photoshop, Video Production- using Adobe Premier, and Website Design-using Web starts.